Fairly Friendly

Note: As of the beginning of 2014, we are no longer actively maintaining or adding to this list in its current form. However, much of the info you will find is still accurate, so feel free to look! Stay tuned to the blog as we work on new ways to present ethical shopping options.

There are many more stores that sell ethically-made products that deserve recognition and good sales. Unfortunately, some of them didn’t make our initial cut due to missing information required by our principles. The Fairly Friendly list consists of retailers that meet most, but not all, of our criteria. These stores’ hearts appear to be in the right place, but until they are more transparent, we cannot include them in our main directory just yet.

Feel free to visit these stores’ websites and use our research procedures on your own. If you find that they have updated, please let us know! And if they haven’t made the changes we hope for, be sure to contact them. Be vocal about what you want them to add! You, as the consumer, do have the power of influence.

LocationChicago, IL
Real or Online?Both
Retail or Wholesale?Both
Product TypesAccessories, Clothing, Jewelry, Home Décor, Housewares, Gifts, Stationery, Food, Beverages
Product DescriptionA wide variety: Women's clothing, jewelry, bags, scarves, hats, gloves, pillows, throws, art, clocks, rugs, kitchen items, bathroom items, garden items, journals, toys, tea, chocolate, and more
Price RangeModerate
Memberships/CertificationsFair Trade Federation, Green America Approved Business, Chicago Fair Trade
Ethical FeaturesCompany is a non-profit
Failed CriteriaProhibition against child labor, promotion/provision of healthcare/education/shelter
Date ResearchedQ4 2012