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Note: As of the beginning of 2014, we are no longer actively maintaining or adding to this list in its current form. However, much of the info you will find is still accurate, so feel free to look! Stay tuned to the blog as we work on new ways to present ethical shopping options.

There are many more stores that sell ethically-made products that deserve recognition and good sales. Unfortunately, some of them didn’t make our initial cut due to missing information required by our principles. The Fairly Friendly list consists of retailers that meet most, but not all, of our criteria. These stores’ hearts appear to be in the right place, but until they are more transparent, we cannot include them in our main directory just yet.

Feel free to visit these stores’ websites and use our research procedures on your own. If you find that they have updated, please let us know! And if they haven’t made the changes we hope for, be sure to contact them. Be vocal about what you want them to add! You, as the consumer, do have the power of influence.

Store sort downsort upProduct TypesProduct DescriptionPrice RangeMemberships/ CertificationsEthical Features
AldeaAccessoriesHandmade artisan shawls, scarves, and wrapsModerateFair Trade Federation, Whole Planet FoundationCompany provides microcredit loans to artisans
Alter EcoFoodQuinoa, sugar, rice, and chocolateInexpensive to ModerateFair Trade Federation, Certified B Corporation, San Francisco Green Business, all products are Fair Trade CertifiedSources 100% of products from smalle-scale, farmer-owned cooperatives. Products are farmed organically.
Ananse VillageHousewares, Home Décor, Gifts, Toys, JewelryAfrican-inspired varietyInexpensive to ExpensiveFair Trade Federation
Arbor TeasBeverages, HousewaresA wide variety of organic teas plus tea accessoriesModerateGreen America Approved BusinessAll teas are organic, and many are Fair Trade certified. Fair Trade varieties are featured on specific pages, so they are easy to find. Arbor Teas' packaging is compostable, and the company uses carbon offsets.
Arzu Studio HopeHome DécorHigh-end area rugsExpensiveCompany is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Provides economic, educational, and healthcare opportunities to women in Afghanistan. Also works to provide a safe water supply for workers.
Asha ImportsAccessories, Home Décor, GiftsPillows, quilts, scarves and bags made of recycled saris, additional bags made of jute and recycled plastic.UnknownFair Trade FederationAims to alleviate global poverty and provide opportunities to people living in slums and in the sex trade.
Autonomie ProjectClothing, Shoes, AccessoriesCasual t-shirts, sneakers, flip-flops, and rain boots for men and women. They also offer clothing and sneakers for kids and babies, plus jewelry and pet products.ModerateGreen America Approved Business, Certified B CorporationProducts are all vegan and eco-friendly.
AvatarClothing, Accessories, Home DécorEarthy, casual styles for men and women, including jackets/outerwear. Accessories include bags, belts, headbands, scarves, hats, and gloves. Also offer tapestries and a variety of "rasta" themed products.ModerateSanta Cruz Green BusinessMost products are produced by a fair trade factory in Nepal
AWAZAccessories, Clothing, Jewelry, Home Décor, Gifts, Stationery, Food, BeveragesArtisan-made clothing for men and women, jewelry, bags, scarves, table linens, fabric, aprons, greeting cards, journals, plus plush toys and quilts for children, also coffee and chocolateModerateNorthwest Fair Trade CoalitionCompany sources from small artisan groups and focuses on providing business development assistance to those groups
Bajalia Trading CompanyAccessories, Jewelry, Home Décor, Gifts, StationeryHandcrafted jewelry, baskets, scarves, bags, wallets, journals, cards, decorative items, and holiday ornaments from various countriesInexpensive to ExpensiveProducts are made by groups that provide opportunity for disadvantaged populations including victims of human trafficking and individuals with disabilities
Baskets of Cambodia (Saraye)Accessories"Tatami" style purses crafted of traditional Cambodian woven basket materialModerateFair Trade FederationProvides healthcare safety net, yearly dividends, and educational opportunities to artisans
BeadforLifeJewelry, Bath & BodyHandmade rolled paper beads from Uganda are crafted into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings and are also available as loose beads. Company also offers Ugandan shea butter personal care products.ModerateFair Trade Federation member; provisional member of World Fair Trade OrganizationOffers a variety of programs to improve employment opportunities, health, and education for Ugandans
Better Way ImportsAccessories, Jewelry, Clothing, Stationery, Promotional ProductsWide variety of purses, messenger bags, totes, gift bags and jewelry, plus cards, journals, scarves, kitchen items, and printed t-shirts. They also offer custom-printed bags.ModerateFair Trade Federation, B CorporationPartners with suppliers who focus on providing opportunity for victims of human trafficking
Bridge for AfricaAccessories, Jewelry, Home Décor, GiftsBaskets, decorative figurines, keychains, jewelry, bags. Products are colorful, handmade, and often feature upcycled materials such as rubber and telephone wire.Inexpensive to ModerateFair Trade Federation, Green America Approved BusinessCompany is non-profit and focuses on promoting self-sufficiency and the dignity of work in rural African communities
CaminoFood, BeveragesChocolate bars, sugar and other baking products, coffee, hot chocolate, juices, snacks and treatsInexpensiveWFTO member. All products are certified Fair Trade and organic.Uses environmentally-friendly packaging and printing.
Chol-Chol FoundationAccessories, Clothing, Home Décor, Gifts, ToysTraditional woven textiles made into blankets, rugs, runners, placemats, bookmarks, wall hangings, scarves, ponchos and bags. Knitted gloves, hats, socks, wraps, shawls and even a knitted skirt and a few baby items. Pottery, dolls, and musical instruments.Moderate to ExpensiveWorld Fair Trade Organization, Fair Trade FederationHas a program to improve working conditions by constructing home-based workspaces for artisans
Cloudforest InitiativeBeverages, Home DécorCoffee and forged iron home accessories, including hanging hooks, crosses, candleholders, and bookshelvesInexpensive to ModerateDeveloped ironwork project to give Mayan communities an non-agricultural economic option and to promote the preservation of forestry
Coco-ZenFood, Bath & BodyGourmet chocolate truffles and candies, plus chocolate lip balm, lotions, soaps and scrubsModerate to ExpensiveGreen America Approved Business, 1% for the Planet; all chocolate used is Fair Trade Certified and many ingredients are organicCompany uses recyclable packaging and is committed to reducing their environmental impact
Crossroads TradeAccessories, Housewares, Home Décor, Gifts, Jewelry, ToysArt, bags and wallets, decorative boxes, baskets, figurines, dishes, traditional Kuna textiles, pillow covers, dolls and puppets, and more sourced from Bolivia, Palestine, Ecuador, Panama and PeruModerateCompany buys directly from individual artisans, cooperatives, economic development projects and fair trade wholesalers.
Eco TeasBeveragesLoose tea, tulsi, rooibos, and brewing accessories.ModerateCertified Organic and Fair Trade productsCompany has a clear mission statement and information about reforestation practices.
Education and MoreJewelry, Accessories, Home DécorHandicrafts from Guatemala, mostly for women, plus looms you can use to weave your own projects. They also sell pet collars.Inexpensive to moderateFair Trade Federation memberCompany has many ways to get involved, including sponsorships, online shop, donations, and hosting a show.
Equal ExchangeBeverages, FoodCoffee, tea, chocolate, almonds, bananas, sugar, olive oil, and granola bars produced by small farmer co-opsModerateFair Trade Federation, US Federation of Worker CooperativesCompany is 100% employee-owned and employee-governed and has been a major player in the fair trade movement since the 1980s. All product ingredients that can be fairly traded are fairly traded. They also work to bring new fair trade products to market, such as bananas and almonds. They are heavily focused on the small co-op model and empowering small farmers.
Ethix MerchClothing, Gifts, Stationery, Promotional ProductsAmerican-made, union-made, or international ethically-made apparel including outerwear, sportswear, and hats; bags/totes, buttons, pins, sporting goods, mugs and bottles, office products including organizers and writing utensils, stationery and calendars, various other promotional items.Inexpensive to ExpensiveProducts are searchable by type: Union Made, Locally Made USA, Fair Trade, or Eco Friendly. Personalized product printing available with online design tools.
EtikoClothing, Shoes, ToysMen's and women's t-shirts and underwear. Sneakers and "alpargatas" shoes for adults and kids. Also offer wide range of sports balls and  custom printing division.ModerateSneaker manufacturer is Fairtrade certified by the Fairtrade Label OrganisationThey support youth sports programs in impoverished or under-developed communities in Cambodia, Pakistan, and Australia, as well as the Salvation Army.
Exotic World GiftsAccessories, Home Décor, Housewares, JewelryBags, jewelry, scarves, journals, art, baskets, bowls and serving spoons, and various home items handcrafted by global artisans.ModerateFair Trade Federation member and Green America approvedSells paintings created by elephants to support the conservation of the endangered Asian elephant.
Fair IndigoAccessories, Bath & Body, Clothing, Jewelry, Home Décor, Gifts, ToysClassic clothing basics for men and women including t-shirts, sweaters, and dresses; toys and clothing for babies; holiday ornaments; throw blankets; plus scarves, gloves, hats, bags, and watchesModerate to ExpensiveGreen America Approved BusinessCompany established the Fair Indigo Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving educational opportunities in the developing countries their our products are made.
Fair Trade Quilts and CraftsHome Décor, Housewares, Gifts, AccessoriesEmroidered and handcrafted bedspreads, wall hangings, bags, pillow covers, scarves, and mugs. Products originate mostly from Guatemala or India.Moderate to ExpensiveFair Trade Federation, Green America Approved Business, Fair Trade AllianceCompany sends out a monthly e-newsletter with news from the fair trade movement. Pays artisans at least 50% more than they would receive in their local market.
GreenheartAccessories, Clothing, Jewelry, Home Décor, Housewares, Gifts, Stationery, Food, BeveragesA wide variety: Women's clothing, jewelry, bags, scarves, hats, gloves, pillows, throws, art, clocks, rugs, kitchen items, bathroom items, garden items, journals, toys, tea, chocolate, and moreModerateFair Trade Federation, Green America Approved Business, Chicago Fair TradeCompany is a non-profit
Hae NowClothing, AccessoriesPlain t-shirts for men, women, and kids; polo shirts for men; baby onesies; aprons; tote bags.ModerateApparel is fair trade certified by Fair Trade USA. Company's supplier farms and garment mill have received fair trade certification from FLO of Germany. Also a Green America Approved Business and a Bay Area Green Business.Products are made with 100% organic cotton and low-impact dyes.
Indigenous DesignsClothing, AccessoriesUpscale casual clothing for men and women. Women's sweaters, dresses, skirts, tops, scarves and wraps; men's shirts and sweaters.Moderate to ExpensiveFair Trade USA, Green America Approved Business, B Corporation, Social Venture Network, RSF Social Finance, Root CapitalCompany uses natural and organic fibers and low-impact dyes
LilidomClothingClothing for children and babies, including tops, pants, dresses, onesies, and sleepersModerateTransFair CanadaAll products are Fair Trade certified and made with organic cotton
Lucuma DesignsAccessories, Home Décor, Gifts, ToysFinger puppets; hair accessories; gourd art including bowls, baskets, and figurines; 3D arpillera textile art; holiday ornaments; all sourced from workshops and cooperatives in PeruInexpensive to ExpensiveFair Trade Federation, Green America Gold Certified Green BusinessSupports several charitable and environmental causes. Co-sponsors a Christmas party for Peruvian children in the area where its products are sourced.
Maggie's OrganicsClothing, Accessories, ToysOrganic cotton loungewear for women and men, socks, scarves, tights and leggings, baby & kids clothing, and cloth chicken toysModerateOrganic Trade Association, Green America Approved Business, Domestic Fair Trade AssociationUses only organic fibers and sources from worker-owned cooperatives whenever possible
Malia DesignsAccessoriesBags, belts, scarves, and jewelry, often made of recycled materials.ModerateFair Trade Federation, Green America Approved Business, Chicago Fair TradeCompany works to fight human trafficking in southeast Asia.
Mata TradersAccessories, Clothing, Home Décor, JewelryIndian and Nepalese artisan women's clothing, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings, bags, headbands and scarves. Home décor items include pillow shams, ornaments, and napkin rings.ModerateFair Trade Federation, Green America Approved BusinessSupports the employment of impoverished women, provides day care facilities, and promotes social organizations through their Charity of the Month feature.
One World Fair TradeAccessories, Home Décor, Jewelry, Housewares, Gifts, ToysArtisan-made bags, scarves, jewelry, decorative items, and nativity sets from various countriesModerateFair Trade FederationCompany is part of a group working to make Healdsburg, CA a Fair Trade Town
One World FlowersGiftsVarious types of rose bouquets available for retail sale, plus roses, lilies and mixed bouquets available for wholesaleModerateFair Trade USA licenseeAll flowers are Fair Trade Certified
One World GoodsAccessories, Jewelry, Home Décor, Housewares, Gifts, StationeryArtisan-made jewelry, scarves, bags, journals, gift wrap, home and garden decorations, rugs, tableware, baskets, toys, musical instruments, holiday decorationsUnknownStore is not-for-profit and staffed by volunteers
One World ProjectsJewelry, Accessories, Gifts, Toys, Housewares, Home DécorTribal-inspired accessories and gifts for almost everyone. They also sell holiday decorations and musical instruments.Inexpensive to moderateFair Trade Federation member and Green America approvedCompany has a clear mission statement and information about how fair trade works.
SERRVHome Décor, Housewares, Accessories, Jewelry, Gifts, Toys, Food, BeveragesHuge selection of handcrafted items including baskets, furniture, decorative items, rugs, pillows, dishes, scarves, bags, games, musical instruments, pet items, holiday decorations and much more.ModerateFounding member of World Fair Trade Organization and Fair Trade FederationProvides product development resources to help artisans create more marketable products
TammachatAccessories, Home DécorScarves, bags, accent cushions and wall hangings made from handwoven textiles. Quilting squares and fabric by the yard are also available.ModerateAll products are made by women's artisan groups in Thailand and Laos. The company contributes to a children's literacy organization in Laos.
Ten Thousand VillagesAccessories, Jewelry, Housewares, Home Décor, Gifts, Stationery, Toys, Bath & BodyBroad range of primarily handmade products from various countries including: jewelry, bags, scarves, decorative items, wall art, pictures frames, pillows, candleholders, lamps, bedspreads, vases, rugs, mirrors, dishes, serveware, talbe linens, baskets, soaps, garden items, cards, journals, toys and games, seasonal decor, and musical instruments.Inexpensive to ExpensiveFair Trade Federation, World Fair Trade OrganizationFounding member of WFTO; company is not-for-profit
Waconia Fair Trade Gift ShopAccessories, Jewelry, Home Décor, Gifts, StationeryProducts have a handmade/ethnic styleInexpensive to ModerateNoneFunds Kiva loans with a portion of online sales; donates a portion of sales from their brick-and-mortar location to a local food pantry
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