Ethical Lifestyle Blogs

The following blogs cover topics related to ethical lifestyle choices and fair trade.

Find more ethical blogs by perusing the Ethical Writers Coalition and the Ethical Blogger Network.

Other Shopping Guides & Resources

The following shopping guides have different focuses and approaches and are excellent resources for learning about products and their social and environmental impacts, or for finding ethical shopping options near you.

Ethical Shopping Websites

These sites compile many ethical brands into one storefront, making them good one-stop shops when you are searching for an ethical product.

Informational Resources

These links are helpful resources for information about human trafficking, child and forced labor, and labor rights issues.

Take Action

  • Chain Store Reaction – Send pre-drafted letters to companies asking them to join the fight to eradicate slavery and human trafficking

Our Directory

Though we no longer actively update the Fair for All ethical shopping directory, we maintain it on the site in case some find it useful. The main directory contains retailers who met all of our principles. Retailers that met some but not all of our principles are listed in our Fairly Friendly directory. We also have a third list of potentially ethical retailers that we have not evaluated at all, but were recommended by other sources as ethical brands.