Potentially Ethical Retailers

In an effort to provide the most potentially useful information possible, we are sharing our list of retailers and websites that we at one time planned to evaluate for inclusion in our directory. While we are no longer actively updating the directory, we had amassed quite a long list of potential stores to include, and we hope that someone may find that list useful.

The sites and retailers in the list below were gathered from several sources: they may have been recommended by one of the other guides on our resources list, mentioned in a book or article, or posted on an eco-friendly website. At some point we heard a claim that the stores in this list may be ethical, but we have not verified these claims.

We hope this file may help you find a specific product you are looking for, or an ethical retailer that reflects your unique personal style. Keep in mind that we have not evaluated the websites listed in this file and make no guarantee that they adhere to any of our ethical principles.

Download the Potentially Ethical Retailers list
Last updated: February 5, 2013