Biggest List Ever of (Potentially) Ethical Stores

In order to provide the most potentially useful information as possible, we have added a new page to the site called Stores to Be Researched (or StBR for short). This section provides the list of retailers and websites that we plan to evaluate for adherence to our principles. And I’ve gotta say, it’s a heck of a list. We’re talking hundreds of websites. Though we have not yet researched these sites, we wanted to provide them in the interest of transparency, and to perhaps help you find ethical products that we do not yet have listed on our main guide.

The sites and retailers on the list were gathered from several sources: they may have been recommended by one of the other guides on our resources list, mentioned in a book or article, or posted on an eco-friendly website. At some point we heard a claim that the stores on the StBR list may be ethical, but we have not yet verified these claims.

The list was once much longer. We have already screened hundreds of retailers and listed them in our guide, classified them as Fairly Friendly, or rejected them as not being up to our ethical standards. However, we still have a long way to go.

If you are interested, we invite you to explore the StBR list. We hope that it may help you find a specific product you are looking for, or an ethical retailer that reflects your unique personal style. Keep in mind that we have not evaluated the websites on the StBR list and make no guarantee that they adhere to any of our ethical principles.

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