Fair Trade Reusable Shopping Bags

Hae Now, a recent addition to our Fairly Friendly list, offers a variety of great organic cotton products: blank t-shirts for men, women, and kids; onesies for baby; and aprons. However, to me the smartest thing they offer is fair trade reusable shopping bags.

I’m a lover of reusable shopping bags, but at the start of the trend, I was gifted several bags of questionable ethical origin emblazoned with cheesy environmental slogans. One of my long-time beefs with the reusable bag trend is that most of the bags sold at grocery stores have not been made with any special consideration for human rights or their wider environmental impact. (I’ve seen a few that are made of recycled materials, but from what I’ve seen, that isn’t the norm.) I continue to use my not-so-ethical bags, but I’m a little bummed I didn’t get the chance to support an ethical producer.

If you’re late to the reusable shopping bag bandwagon, don’t fear! You have the chance to support a truly ethical option. Hae Now’s bags are Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA and are made of 100% organic cotton. They come in two different sizes in simple natural or black, with no cheesy slogans (unless you choose to add one yourself).


Hae Now Reusable Shopping Tote – Large Size

Bags like these can serve endless purposes—carry your yoga gear, knitting supplies, anything that you lug from place to place. Check out our full listing for Hae Now on the Fairly Friendly list, or visit their website.

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