Changes coming to the Fair for All Shopping Guide

Change is in the air at the Fair for All Shopping Guide! After being live for a little over a year, we have reevaluated our approach and will be making some exciting changes to our format.

Since we launched the site in early 2012, there have been some excellent advances in the world of ethical consumerism. Several online retail outlets have emerged with a dedicated focus on stocking ethical products, and non-profit initiatives such as Free2Work have begun releasing more resources on how to shop your values. The topic of ethical consumerism has also gained traction in the news media and blogosphere.

Because of these shifts in the ethical shopping landscape, as well as a realization of the limitations of our small team, Fair for All is going to alter its format in the coming weeks.¬†We’ll be switching a blog-centric format, moving blog posts to the main page of the site and posting about a variety of topics related to ethical consumerism. We’ll highlight specific retailers and products; share stories about challenges and successes in ethical shopping; discuss resources published by fair trade organizations; explore vintage, thrift, and handmade items as ethical options; and more.

Our existing directory will remain available, and we’ll continue to add stores to it as we feature them in the blog. However our primary focus will be on sharing current, relatable, and helpful content to help our readers make shopping choices that align with their values.

Posts may be less frequent while we transition to the new format, which will also include a redesign of the site. We hope you’ll bear with us as we move ahead to create an even more valuable resource. As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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