News Roundup: November 2013

Ethical shopping flow chart

Ethical shopping flow chart via Lifestyle: Justice

Happy almost Thanksgiving! And with Thanksgiving comes the beast of Black Thursday/Friday… I encourage you to skip that nonsense and instead participate in #FairTuesday, one week from today! Simply purchase an ethically-made gift and share it with the hashtag #FairTuesday to show that you care about a different type of consumer culture, one that values the people who create our products.

Here are the ethical shopping articles I’ve been reading this month:

Why give thanks for what you have when there’s so much you don’t have? That’s the new meaning of Thanksgiving: count your blessings, and then buy some more blessings and count them again. — Matt Walsh

If You Shop on Thanksgiving, You Are Part of the Problem – A partly cynical, partly idealistic editorial on the phenomenon of Thanksgiving shopping and our collective power to stop it. (Huffington Post)

Chinese labor camp inmate tells of true horror of Halloween ‘SOS’ – A letter hidden inside a package of Halloween decorations reveals labor abuses in China. (CNN via Stylewise)

Coffee in Crisis: The Silent Disaster You’ve Never Heard Of – I’m not a coffee-drinker, but this article was an interesting look into some major issues that are affecting the livelihoods of coffee producers. (Triple Pundit)

Equitable Origin: Ethical Trade Certification for Oil and Gas Companies – Can oil and gas production be labeled sustainable? This article examines a certification system that seeks to do just that. (Triple Pundit)

Fair Trade Federation 2013 Holiday Gift Guide – Browse holiday decor and gift ideas from over 50 FTF members. (Fair Trade Federation)

Fair Trade Cheat Sheet – Dominique has compiled a “cheat sheet” list of some of her favorite ethical retailers. Super helpful for #FairTuesday pinning, holiday shopping and beyond! (Let’s Be Fair)

Where I’m Donating for Haiyan Relief – Jamillah gives her recommendation on where to donate to typhoon relief in the Philippines. (Made to Travel)

Do you have any exciting Thanksgiving plans? My sister is jetting off to Paris with her husband for their first international vacation… jealous!


  1. Thanks so much for including my post on Convoy of Hope! You are so the best :). Also I adore the FTF gift guide!!! Such great things in ethical shopping lately :D.

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