1. This is great! I wish I could have gone. I love Equal Exchange, but I can see why people would want to loosen policies to include more vendors. I think the fear is that once you start allowing more and more vendors to produce “fair trade” products, the standards go down and we eventually end up back where we started.

  2. As a new member, Artisans’ Village is excited to be apart of the Fair Trade Federation. We regret not attending this year’s conference but are eager to make travel plans for next year. The subject of broadening market access to include more conventional retailers is a worthy debate that should be waded into carefully. The fact is the North American retail market is a tough, competitive place where customers and stockholders have been trained to expect the largest possible return for their investment. For the vast majority the globalization of trade has underpinned these expectations on the backs of our most vulnerable neighbors in the global community. Where the FTF and its members land on this issue will have consequences both at home and abroad for generations to come. We at Artisans’ Village are eager to join with our fellow FTF members to address these weighty issues that face us.

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