Resource Spotlight: MeasureUp

MeasureUp is a resource that evaluates brands based on their performance on ten ethical indicators, with the goal of helping consumers more easily compare brands and make sweatshop-free shopping decisions. Though the site is UK-based, many international brands have been evaluated, such as Nike, Gap, H&M, Adidas, and Zara. The information provided for each company is incredibly thorough, including excerpts from the brands’ websites and responses to emailed questions about their practices.

Some of MeasureUp’s ethical indicators include:

  • Does the company have a code of conduct that adheres to International Labor Organization standards, including payment of a living wage?
  • Is a full list of factory locations available to the public?
  • Are factories audited at least every two years?
  • Do audits include confidential interviews with employees chosen by the auditor rather than the employer?
  • Is a confidential complaint process in place to allow employees to raise concerns?

I highly recommend this resource a tool to better understand the practices of major brands. It’s especially enlightening to read some of the responses they received from companies as a primer on the ways brands often evade questions of ethics.

What are your favorite resources for finding sweatshop-free clothing? Share them in the comments!

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