News Roundup: October 2013

Fair Trade Month is almost over—give it one last hurrah by munching on fair trade chocolate on Halloween night and reading the ethical shopping articles and links below!

Excerpt from the History of Authentic Fair Trade by Equal Exchange

Excerpt from A History of Authentic Fair Trade by Equal Exchange

A History of Authentic Fair Trade – Learn how the fair trade movement began and became what it is today through this comic book that focuses on the plight of small farmers. (Equal Exchange)

Hey, Big Fair-Trade Spender  – A thought-provoking article comparing the value of smartphone ethical shopping apps to a broader educational approach. (Slate)

Walmart & Gap: Join the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh – Sign this petition from the International Labor Rights Forum to ask Walmart and Gap to join nearly 70 other countries in committing to factory worker safety.

Copper Candle from the Little Market

Copper Candle from The Little Market

The Little Market – Lauren Conrad gets into fair trade with this marketplace for products created by small-scale artisans.

What were your favorite finds this month? Did anyone else put out fair trade chocolate at work? At my office the chocolate was gone in a flash (no surprise there), and several people took one of the information cards with an Equal Exchange coupon on the back. You never know what little piece of information will help someone start thinking differently about their purchases, so I’m happy that even a few were taken.

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