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When we shifted the focus of the Fair for All guide to the blog about a year ago, it was because I was having a hard time finding any blogs that covered shopping and style from an ethical, human-rights-based perspective. There were many blogs covering environmentally-friendly style, but few that addressed the human aspects of fair trade, working conditions and labor rights.

Thankfully, over the last year I have found that I wasn’t the only person thinking this way! I have discovered several excellent blogs focused on style that’s good for the people producing it as well as the earth. Each blogger has a different style and approach, covering the gamut from made-in-USA goods to thrift and vintage shopping to eco-friendly items to fair trade. I’ve found all of them to be helpful and inspiring resources.

Here is my ethical shopping blogroll:

  1. Made-to-Travel — Jamillah serves up boundless positivity, collections of ethical and stylish products, and other inspiring stories.
  2. Stylewise — Leah shares ethical outfits from her wardrobe and explores the spiritual effects of how we consume.
  3. Let’s Be Fair — Dominique showcases fabulous ethical product collections, giveaways, and a new “Manthropologie” series that I can only assume addresses ethical style for men.
  4. My Fair Vanity — Rachel presents a fashion-forward, high-end perspective on ethical style. If you’re a high-powered CEO and need ethical shopping tips, start here.
  5. The Dollar — This blog has a cool post structure where they show “The What,” or the product, and “The Who,” or the person or group who made that product. Great way to show the direct connection between artisans and their creations!
  6. In Tandem Fair Trade Weddings — Tegan focuses specifically on ideas for planning a fair trade and ethical wedding, from the dress to jewelry to gifts and more.
  7. October Rebel — Anna shares gorgeous, ethereal photography and her experiments with ethical style.
  8. Lifestyle: Justice — Hannah and Andrew post about fair trade style and social justice issues like human trafficking.

I recommend checking out any of the above blogs to get more insight and advice on how to shop (and live) ethically and intentionally. I’ve added them to our Resources page for quick reference.

What are your favorite ethical style blogs? I’d love to add some more to my list!


  1. Bahhhhh! Thanks so much Julia!!!!! I am so happy to be here. Truly touched! There are some faves of mine here and a couple I’m eager to learn about :), so thank you so much for sharing your ethical blogroll and of course including me…*blushing*

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