News Roundup: May 2014

Happy Wednesday! Another month has gone by, which means it’s time for another roundup of articles and links that caught my interest recently. Check out the links below for some great resources and thought-provoking insights!

Creating a Fair Wardrobe – A four-part blog series from For the Love of Justice

Rendering of solar roadways

Rendering of solar roadways

Solar Roadways: The Most Groundbreaking Innovation since the Internet (Modavanti)

Why Textile Waste Should be Banned From Landfills (Triple Pundit)

Modavanti has teamed up with Green Tree Textiles for our Modacycle Campaign! – Details on Modavanti’s new textile recycling initiative (Modavanti)

Shopping for shoes is a minefield – This article points out how athletic shoes lag behind other apparel sectors in transparency/sustainability. (Dynamic Business)

The Rise of Conscious Business Needs the Support of Conscious Consumerism — Who should lead the way in ethical consumerism: business or consumers? (Pro Bono Australia)

Free2Work Electronics Industry Trends 2014 – Report on efforts being made by electronics companies to address exploitation and forced labor in their supply chains (Free2Work)

10 Biggest Excuses For Not Paying a Living Wage (And Why They Suck) (Ecouterre)

Fashionably Informed: 5 Ethical Fashion Companies (College Fashion)

Can fair trade clothing prevent the next factory tragedy? (Humanosphere)

Fabric generated from bacteria from The Next Black documentary

Fabric generated from bacteria from The Next Black documentary

The Next Black – Review of a documentary about technology in the future of fashion (The Note Passer)

Youths Sue U.S. Government Over Climate Inaction (Al Jazeera America)

Ifixit – Website that provides resources for repairing items instead of replacing them, which helps reduce waste and unnecessary consumption

I’ll leave you with this excellent pin from Let’s Be Fair:

What have you been reading lately? Let us know in the comments!

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