Everyday Silver Necklace

Necklaces are my favorite item of jewelry by far, and I’ve recently developed a fetish for simple, delicate designs. A few months ago I bought the simplest, tiniest gold necklace on Etsy, and I wear it constantly. I decided I wanted a silver equivalent as well and perused my local fair trade shop for options.

The necklace I ended up getting (the Cubed Necklace in Silver from Ten Thousand Villages, purchased at Global Gifts) is not nearly as minimalistic in design as my gold necklace, but it’s equally neutral (though it does actually sparkle quite a bit, which I didn’t expect for a necklace made of matte cubes). It’s adjustable in length, making it even more versatile.

Close-up of Julia wearing cubed silver necklace

Even though I’m happy with this necklace and have already worn it a bunch, part of me still wants a more delicate silver necklace, for when the surprising bling of the cube necklace is a little much. I found some other ethical silver necklace options for your inspiration, and my potential shopping list:

Montage of simple silver necklaces

  1. Tiny Dot Sterling Silver Moissanite Pendant Necklace (Etsy) – Handmade in Tennessee with recycled silver and lab-created moissanite
  2. Silver Infinity Necklace (One World Fair Trade) – Handmade by fair trade artisans in Indonesia
  3. Silver Little Pebble Accent Necklace (Etsy) – Handmade in the U.S. with recycled silver
  4. Flat and Round Silver Necklace (Mira Fair Trade) – No specific artisan info is available for this product, but Mira Fair Trade is a Fair Trade Federation member and is a Green American Gold Certified Business
  5. Encircled Necklace (Ten Thousand Villages) – Handmade by fair trade artisans in Peru
  6. Fine Silver Dainty Disc Necklace (Etsy) – Handmade in Wisconsin with recycled silver

I’m drawn to number 3—it’s a completely odd little charm, and if you click through to the listing, you’ll see how super-tiny it is! Number 1 is pretty great too. What’s your favorite?

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