Fall Favorites & Summer Sales

If you know me in real life, you know that I have been a grumpy bear since the weather turned cooler. Overcast skies and cold temperatures (i.e. anything below 60 degrees) are NOT my jam, but I’ve found a silver lining: My favorite fair trade companies are all coming out with their fall collections. If it’s going to be Gloom Central outside, at least there are pretty things to look at online!

Here are my favorite items from some recent fair trade fall collections:

Collage of favorite fall items

  1. Alma Cardigan in Grey – People Tree
  2. Organic Tulip Skirt – Fair Indigo
  3. Alise Dress in Peach – Liz Alig
  4. Indigo Ends Scarf – SERRV
  5. Biltmore Blouse in Green – Mata Traders
  6. Lalina Rustic Brown Pullup – Oliberte
  7. Plum Ikat Shirtdress – SERRV

The cardigan and the tulip skirt would be such a cozy combination, and the brown boots would look great with the shirtdress.

The change of the seasons is also the time to take advantage of sales on outgoing summer items. This is my favorite way to score items from pricier brands. Check out the sale pages for some of the brands featured above—you’re bound to find a deal on something that will work perfectly well in fall with the right sweater or leggings.

How do you feel about fall? I feel like I’m definitely in the minority cursing its arrival. I’ll be fine with it come October, but expect me to continue scowling at the thermometer for the next two weeks…


  1. I loved fall my first two falls in “the north” of Virginia, but after last winter, I’m feeling very hesitant about embracing cooling temperatures. I’m already hoarding sweaters and pants in preparation. I agree with you, though, that fall new arrivals are awesome. I took advantage of Mata Trader’s sale last week and am currently wearing one of their dresses.

  2. Below 60 also NOT my jam…I’m allergic to the cold I feel. BUT I do LOVE a cozy sweater….hopefully we still have some 70 degree days where I can rock a chunky knit sans jacket.

    Thanks for all the sale notices! I forgot that benefit of fall :).

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