Thrift Store Score: All the Shirts

Last weekend I was at Goodwill picking up a picture frame and decided to browse shirts on a whim to see if I could fill either of the holes I had previously identified in my wardrobe: blouses for work and casual-yet-stylish t-shirts for the weekend. (As I’ve mentioned before in my thrift shopping tips, it’s best to have something specific in mind when thrifting.)

I must have done something to please the thrift store gods, because I found five count ’em FIVE shirts and satisfied two wardrobe needs! Check and mate.

Photo of thrift store shirts hanging on clothes rack

I got two work blouses and three t-shirts. Picking out a shirt in the morning accounts for about 46% of my sartorial anxiety, so having these extra choices should reduce that dramatically (and enable me to part with some of the shirts I have that I don’t really like).

Julia in a purple thrift store t-shirt

The purple shirt in action! I’ve also already worn both of the work blouses. Coral and teal t-shirts: your time is coming soon.

For those of you who have jumped on board with the blog recently, here’s a recap of why thrift shopping is my absolute favorite way to buy clothing:

  • It eliminates waste. I haaaate waste, so I love the idea of diverting still-useful clothing to a new home instead of a landfill.
  • It’s economical. I got those five shirts for $22! Boom.
  • I get to try stuff on. I like looking at ethical clothing brands online and will occasionally make an online purchase, but sometimes you just need to know how something is going to fit.
  • It allows me to get some newer, on-trend styles without giving my money to brands with questionable manufacturing practices. (I realize this isn’t a perfectly ethical motivator, since the fast fashion cycle is one of the things that makes trendy items available in thrift stores, but if I’m being honest it’s still a reason I like thrifting. I would rather give those items a second life than reject them on principle.)

Have you had any good thrift finds lately? My next wardrobe holes to fill are black flats and a white cardigan, so hopefully I’ll have success stories about those soon.

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  1. Donna Edwards

    Julia, you are an inspiration! Did you find a picture frame too? The last time I was in a thrift store I bought a cookie sheet, the kind I love and a framed Renoir picture. Granted the frame and the print aren’t worth anything except the beauty they bring to my heart when I look at them. I vaguely remember that getting dressed in the morn is less stressful if the clothes are picked out the night before. Maybe I did that with the kids….love you.

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