Happy Fair Trade Birthday to Me!

In my family, we play it fast and loose when it comes to when birthdays are celebrated. “Within a six week period of the actual date?” we collectively ask. “Close enough!” So I don’t feel behind at all posting a recap of my fair trade birthday gifts only a month after I received them (at the celebration that was two weeks after my actual birthday).

I was my mother’s daughter this year and bought pretty much all of my presents for myself, wrapped them all, then sneakily accepted cash before we all ooohed and aaahed over my selections.

Dress: Liz Alig, made fairly in India

Julia wearing Regina Dress from Liz Alig

This dress is THE BEST. Pockets, cute color, work-appropriate length, wide straps (it’s sleeveless), and twirly! It’s on wicked sale and Liz Alig makes small quantities so you should probably buy one before they’re all gone. (This is not even a paid endorsement, I just love it this much.)

Scarf: Handmade Expressions via Global Gifts, made fairly in India

Necklace: Global Gifts, made fairly in India

Teal-to-white ombre scarf and coral beaded necklace

I’m wearing this scarf right now while I blog!

Basket: SERRV via Global Gifts, made fairly in Ghana

Basket with leather handles holding blankets

I had previously been keeping my throw blankets in a plastic tub. Major upgrade. I love the leather handle!

I’ve never had a basket as part of my decor before, but now that I have one, I can see myself becoming a basket lady. They look so much cooler than bins, and there’s no shortage of fair trade basket options, so I could collect them guilt-free! Bwahaha! (I can see the look of horror on my interior decorator sister’s face. Don’t worry, Paige, I don’t need any more storage… for now…)

Have you treated yourself to any new fair trade items lately? Does your family also celebrate birthdays willy-nilly? How many baskets is too many?


  1. I don’t know why more people don’t follow the Birth Month philosophy. First of all, an extended celebration is always more fun than one day. But also, it’s hard to get a bunch of adults in one place. Just roll with it, people.

    Anyhoodle, that dress is everything and if it didn’t have a waistline that would be up too high on my gangly frame, I’d buy one, too. Hypothetical twinsies!

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